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About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man: small Island Nation, Dependency of the UK and one of the most unspoilt corners of the British Isles. Although the Island's population is under 90,000, there is no shortage of wealth thanks to an advantageous tax regime, and Escorts do work in, and visit the country. You may be visiting as a tourist, or may be here as a native or tax exile. But regardless of why you are here, there is no denying the natural beauty and historical significance of this location.

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Reaching the Island

How do you get to the Isle of Man? Car Ferries run regularly from Liverpool, Heysham and both Irish Capitals. Flights to Castletown sometimes work out even better, but it depends on the time of arrival. There are plenty of guesthouses, and far more than those listed on the big sites such as TripAdvisor. Competition in the hospitality sector is surprisingly high, and prices are not as bad as one may expect. There are only a few supermarkets on the Island, and the cost of goods is generally higher than on the UK and Irish mainlands, but not extortionately so. Island businesses are reluctant to open on Sundays, so if you are arriving on that day and looking to eat out, you may have to settle for a packed-lunch or takeaway.

Visitor Locations on the Isle of Man

So where to start if you are visiting the island? Due to its size (no larger than Rutland), the Island can be toured inside anything from a day to a week, with most of the larger villages and towns being located on the coast. There are archaic preserved railways running to the North and South of Douglas - Electric and Steam respectively, with buses running all around the island. The settlements of Castletown and Port Saint Mary on the South East coast of the island are set in the mould of rustic seaside villages one may expect to visit on the South West coast of England. To the West, Port Erin and Peel are more popular for days out - natives and tourists alike. The Island's second town of Ramsey is located to the North, has reasonable amenities and a busy harbour.

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